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Storyteller Fest 2019

To help highlight and bring together the communities, artists, & work The Storyteller Journal & The Storyteller Media have gotten to witness and love, we created Storyteller Fest, a music and arts festival dedicated to uplifting quality art, music, and movement work across the midwest. The very first Storyteller Festival took place in Sioux Falls, SD on April 27th, 2019 at Icon Lounge and turned out to be everything we had dreamed and more.

Blown Away Glass Demo

Sioux Falls has waited too long for the warm spring day we experienced this past Friday, but for the artists at Blown Away Vape on this particular afternoon, 65 degrees and sunny was nothing to fret. The perfect environment for a glass blowing event highlighting local artists.

Niiice Spring 2019 Tour

Touring with Minneapolis based, Niiice, provided a the perfect backdrop for a behind the scenes perspective of DIY touring. The world of DIY touring is hard to explain to those who are unfamiliar. There is a network of venue spaces, artists of different mediums, and other passionate participants that make it all possible.