That Sounds Decent 2019

On August 23rd-24th, That Sounds Decent held their 6th annual event at 8th and Railroad. For the first time ever, the event went on for two days back-to-back! Every year, the event gives recognition to the talented artists that reside in the Sioux Falls area and across the midwest!

The first night featured artists like Peacock Cassete, Soleil Bashale, Denham, and Night Moves. The second evening showcased artists such as Violet, Burlap Wolf King, Tenenbaums, OK, Parade, and Later Babes for the finale.

Wes Eisenhauer, one of the performers of both OK, Parade and Later Babes, hosted the event alongside Denham, another featured artist. This event not only provides the community with a variety of live music of different genres, but a place to commemorate the art of music and those who find passion within it.

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Photos: Abriana Scholl

Post Editing: Kayla Koterwski

Words: Abriana Scholl