SuFu Pride 2019

Alongside The Storyteller Media Photo + Video’s partnership with Sioux Falls Pride capturing content of the festivities, we at the Storyteller Journal had the pleasure of documenting Sufu Pride for a fourth year! This year’s Pride was particularly historic, as it was the first ever in the city to host a Pride parade.

Attendees flocked from around the state and beyond to witness and partake in the 2019 events celebrating LGBTQIA identities and experiences in Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas.

Sioux Falls Pride was listed as one of the best 2019 Pride events to attend nationally and worldwide by multiple publications leading up to Pride month. The celebrations did not disappoint, drawing a crowd of over 10,000 and exceeding all previous years attendance.

A small crowd of out of town counter-protesters attended and picketed both the parade in Downtown Sioux Falls, as well as the Terrace Park festivities, however festival attendees didn’t let that get them down in the slightest. Responding by surrounding the protestors while holding colorful flags representing various LGBTQIA identities, and engaging in chants like “We love you we forgive you!” and “Love trumps hate!”.

Overall the festivities were a massive success, engaging the whole community and travelers alike in a welcoming environment that truly displayed the ways Sioux Falls and South Dakota as a whole are more than ready to accept and support the LGBTQIA identity and grassroots movements for change.

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