Sarah White's Residency At Icehouse


“There is always a beginning. From seed to embryo, there is a pulse.. an intentional streak, that moves things from stars into self. This will be a welcomed journey of new understandings while looking at old ways. What can we plant now for future grounds to unwind in?”


It’s easy to forget in these long winter months that we are alive, together, and on a living planet. Tuesday night, March 5th, Sarah White opened her residency at Icehouse with a joyful reminder that those three things are true. Between the music, poetry, and wonderful presence of the Experimental Farm Network, Icehouse was more alive than it’s been in years. Opening with an acknowledgment of our place on stolen native lands, Sarah White claimed the space we were holding together for reparations, and the rest of the night proved her claim with joyous ferocity.


DJ Michel Be held the night together with a perfect selection of music to set the mood between each set. Tensae Fayise welcomed us all to the space with a deeply felt and partially improvised set of music, prayer, and poetry. Special guest Toshi Reagon captivated the crowd with soulful and jazzy blues music. Guante reminded us all through his poems of a better world that we could build together. Tufawon spoke to the sacred life of water, and filled the room with energy through his rapping. Sarah White and her group Traditional Methods closed out the night with a beautiful mix of everything that had come before them in the evening. The sets, taken together, created a space that was simultaneously defiant and joyful — a sacred reminder that if the world is going to change, joy must be a part of the process.

Sarah White’s residency at Icehouse continues through the rest of March, every Tuesday night at 9pm. If the first night is any indication of what’s to come on the rest, I wouldn’t miss a single one.

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Photos: Martin Sheeks

Post Editing: Kayla Koterwski

Words: Martin Sheeks

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