Final Jam at JAM


 There was one thing Jess Miller, Executive Director of JAM Art & Supplies, wanted to make clear about “Final Jam”: it was a funeral. She wasn’t wrong - a mixture of volunteers and local artists perused the last of Jam Art & Supplies’ selection, drinking champaign and mourning. The not-for-profit organization bought and sold art supplies as a consignment operation in Downtown Sioux Falls, South Dakota. And to the detriment of our own art community, it’s now closed. 

     Yet, like any other funeral, positive themes always seem to work their way into conversation. This was true of JAM’s final celebration too, as Jess’s moving speech clearly conveyed, thanking her staff and customers for supporting her personal passion project. This was clearly a small haven for art. Where people could create, appreciate, engage in community, and of course re-supply. The room opposite the sales floor was dedicated to a final art exhibit encouraging people to let go of the things holding them back this past winter, and centered around a sculpted tree which will be burned this coming March.

The evening’s event’s, and JAM’s physical location, closed with the feeling that for many, the emotions of loss for JAM Art & Supplies may linger long past the tree’s burning; but the artistic community of Sioux Falls should most certainly be on the lookout for what Jess and her team move onto next. 

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